How The RealReal Helps Their Customers

When The RealReal teamed up with Stella McCartney, they knew they were doing their part to help people keep clothes out of the landfills. They also knew this deal would attract more people to shop at The RealReal and that was an important part of why they did it. People are encouraged to shop for gently used Stella McCartney pieces while getting the benefit of “shopping green” and saving money since the clothes were pre-loved. The RealReal knows a lot about what people want and they make an effort to feature brands people want to get their hands on. They do this so they can increase their business and help people get the clothes they’re looking for. They also know they can try different things that might help them with the options they need. It’s their idea to always let people know what they can do while they also give others a chance to help out.

The RealReal knew what it would be like to give attention to people who were in need of designer clothes for a lower price than they could purchase new. They also knew a lot of people showed interest in purchasing secondhand so they could save money and be more green about the way they shopped. It was important to The RealReal to make sure people understood their business model. They are a consignment store that people can shop exclusively online with. When people use The RealReal, they get a chance to try different things and get more clothes than they would be able to purchase new.

Consignors also get a chance to make money when they use The RealReal. The company makes an effort to provide their consignors with the best rates possible. This helps them show the consignors they care about what they’re doing and they care about how they’re giving clothes while doing their part to keep the clothes out of the landfills. Since teaming up with Stella McCartney, sales at The RealReal have increased. It could be due to the fact people get $100 to use at the Stella retail store when they buy Stella through The RealReal.

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