Bernardo Chua – A Successful Entrepreneur From The Philippines

Mr. Bernardo Chua is a Philippine businessman who rose from being a simple employee to a global entrepreneur. Chua has applied his business skills and strategies to establish his company, Organo Gold to the level it enjoys today.

As a marketing expert, Bernardo Chua founded his company in 2008 with only three employees. With his leadership quality, Chua managed to develop the company into a multi-million-dollar firm.

Currently, Organo Gold has business operations in more than 30 countries across the continent. It also has more than 1000 independent distributors and over 500 employees.

Before he established his business venture, Chua was employed at Gano Excel, Philippines. He was later transferred to Gano Excel in the United States of America in 2003. Because he was raised up in the Philippines, Bernardo had some background knowledge in ganoderma lucidium herb.

The ingredient is included in some of the products that are manufactured by Gano Excel. Through social media platforms such as Facebook, Chua is of the opinion that ganoderma lucidium herb can be used in beverages like tea and coffee.

The herb has brought a new alternative drink when it comes to beverage drinks. The alternative is healthier and can improve lives with a greater level of prosperity, wellness, and balanced diet.

As an entrepreneur, Bernardo believes in persistence and hard work. As a result, Chua has earned several awards including DSCEA (Direct Sales Company Executive Award). He also received the Bayan Business Award in 2014.

His company also received the People’s Choice Award for being the leading marketing company and the producer of organic and healthy coffee product.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Bernardo is also an active philanthropist. Through his company, Organo Gold, Chua has sponsored organizations like OG Cares Foundation. The organization plays the role of enriching the lives of young women and men.

The idea is to make them better leaders in the future. PR Newswire states that Bernado Chua has consistently been using his speeches to mentor young people who have the dream of realizing their future with hard work and determination.

He teaches the concept of keen business sense to the generation of today, with the hope of making them successful tomorrow. You can follow his teaching on twitter. He goes by the nickname, Bernie.

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