Fabletics: A Lifestyle Brand

You’ve most likely become familiarized with the a-list actress, Kate Hudson, but what you might not know about her is her association with an established athleisure brand known as Fabletics. Not only is she the main spokesmodel, but she is co-creator of this fashionable line of athletic wear. Since the rising of athleisure as a fashion statements, companies like Fabletics have thrived in business, due to their versatile and trendy styles. In a recent article, Kate has a sit down with Marie Claire about some new additions to the already extensive line of athleisure clothing. See: http://www.fabletics.com/collections

What she wants the fans to know is that exciting new styles have been introduced to the Fabletics website and they will certainly blow your mind. The first is a line of dresses. Yes, you heard right. Athleisure material dresses with built in support similar to spanx have been added to the collection. Not only are they trendy and current, but they are worthy of wearing out or to a special occasion. The versatility of Fabletics styles is one of the most desirable features of the brand. These dresses are perfectly flattering to the figure, and a little on the flirty side which is just plain adorable. In addition to the dresses, a line of fun swimwear is now available to Fabletics customers. They’re a bit on the sporty side, while fun and vibrant. The material gives the same support of Fabletics other athleisure clothing and are sure to become your favorite swimsuit this summer.

The way Fabletics works is so easy- simply subscribe to the website and you’ll be receiving new athleisure outfits each and every month. And the best part? The reasonable price, which is so much better in comparison to that of its competitors such as LuLu Lemon. Imagine the exciting surprise of receiving out fits each month delivered to your door and gradually growing the perfect athleisure wardrobe. Fabletics makes it possible! For anyone who is addicted to this clearly huge trend, this is the perfect opportunity to add some great fashionable pieces to your closet. ‚Ä®Source: http://www.fabletics.com/the-summer-refresh.htm

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