McDonalds and OSI Group Team Up with Impossible Burgers

McDonalds and OSI Group Team Up with Impossible Burgers

The rise of meat alternatives means investors in the food industry are looking for ways to jump in on the craze. Currently, the easiest way to get in on the trend is raising weekly capacity. Right now, meat alternatives have one problem: lack of supply. Demand is higher than it’s ever been, but companies can’t produce enough to meet demand. Impossible Foods, creators of the famous Impossible Burger are set to enter the retail markets later this year, but it’s having trouble supplying its current vendors with enough products. To raise weekly capacity, Impossible has partnered with McDonalds long-time leading meat supplier OSI Group. OSI and McDonald’s have been partners since the first McDonalds restaurant opened in 1955.

The two companies have grown and expanded the globe together, exploring new food products to introduce to different parts of the world. While McDonald’s needs no introduction, OSI Group grew in the shadows, quietly building its reputation within the global food industry. When Impossible Foods began looking for partners, it was only a matter of time before they decided on OSI. OSI has some of the highest health and safety standards in the industry. It has more than 65 operating facilities in over 15 countries. While Impossible Foods will obviously gain an experienced partner, OSI looks forward to working with one of the most ambitious start-ups in the industry.

Impossible also helps OSI’s commitment to sustainable food production. As mass-production becomes more civilized, sustainable is taken more into account. Both companies have committed entire facilities to produce enough product to reach Impossible’s desires to move into retail and continue supplying the thousands of restaurants around the country that already selling Impossible Burgers. As more fast food restaurant chains, like Burger King, plan to add the Impossible Burger to their menus, it’s increasingly important to produce enough product. The reason Impossible Foods and other plant based meat alternatives companies are experiencing shortages is that none of them planned on being as successful as they are.

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