Things You Can Do For Better Hair Health

Having great hair doesn’t come by chance for most individuals. Yes, some people are just born with it, but if an individual doesn’t properly maintain the hair, she/he will certainly lose it. Properly maintaining your hair isn’t hard to do, but did you know that some of the things you’re doing for hair care is causing more harm than good? Starting with shampoo; these beauty products have their positives, but these products are loaded with sulfates. The lather that is created from shampoo is actually a chemical reaction which makes it fizz-up. Over a period of time, shampoo can cause itchy scalp, dry scalp, and breakage. Always use a gentle shampoo for reducing this harmful action.

Dyes and perms are another danger as they’re strictly chemical in nature. They may give you a desired look, but when used too often, these products can burn the hair straight from the follicle, burn the scalp, and cause hairloss. To avoid many of these pitfalls you should use products the are less harsh or the one’s that come from an organic base. WEN is the brand of choice and it’s providing great heads of hair all around the world. (WEN) is made up of all natural ingredients such as lavender, cucumber, fig, aloe vera leaf, rosemary extract, panthenol, glycerin, and many more.

Created by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean,, WEN by Chaz is the ultimate in proper haircare and has been over the past decade. As of today 40 Million bottles of these advanced hair care products have been sold. Benefits of use includes added shine, added moisture, strength, detangles, as well as being more manageable. It’s time to throw away those pesky chemicals and join the revolution that is known as WEN by Chaz.

Wen products are available online thru the Chaz Dean store, website or



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  1. When you take a review of most of the products we use on our hair you often find out that most of them tend to have serious side effects on our hair. Although, does a lot in providing health tips that should serve as an eye opener for many hair products we use on our hair. I discovered that some of this products when i use them on my hair tend to change the colour of my hair on a long run not until i came across the wonder WEN hair conditioner product which i think is perfectly ideal for usage as it is properly produced.

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