Lovaganza’s Plan for the Future

The Lovaganza Foundation wer created by J.F. Gagnon and Genevieve Gagnon with their hopes of increasing the quality of life for the whole of humanity. The Gagno family believe that by funding smaller foundations and inspiring organizations that share similar goals to their own Lovaganza Foundation the process of reaching their goals is attainable within the next few decades. With more and more people working toward the same goal Lovaganza’s quality of life objective could be reached by 2035. In addition to helping other organizations Lovaganza is also be releasing their own productions, documentaries, programs and events to increase funding for their message of peace and positive life style.

The first milestone that the Gagno family wishes to achieve with their Lovaganza Foundation is to have all children, up to the age of fifteen, reach their official “Universal Quality of Life”. For a children to be placed into this category they would have to pass six qualifiers. First, they would have to have access to clean water. Second, they would have to have access to clean and sufficient food sources. Third, They would have to have a safe place to sleep that would also protect them from the elements. Fourth, they would have basic healthcare and basic education without any charge. Lastly, they would be expunged from anything that could cause them harm, such as child labor, marriage or war. The foundation believes that once every child reaches these goals the world will be a better place.

Before Lovaganza can start helping those who are in need they are going to extensively research the quality of life of children in different countries. The Foundation hopes to have their research completed by the end of 2017. Afterwards they, with the help of other organizations, will work on finding the best solutions based on what each specific country needs. With the help of those working outside of Lovaganza, the foundation’s first milestone should be reached by 2020. Also, in 2020 Lovaganza will start soliciting the governments of each nation to commit to their plan to increase the quality of life for each person. This will not only help with spreading the message but it will also help with funding as well. Lovaganza will set up eight major facilities around the world to help the process. By 2025 the Gagno family hopes to be fully supported with a worldwide treaty with all the nations of the world working together to make life better.

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