Nicki Minaj In the Middle of Cash Money War

Nicki Minaj has thrived with a big victory. She has become the artist to watch in 2014 with a new album in December that will carry her into 2015. Now she is in the middle of the war that Lil Wayne and Birdman are having. She has broken her silence, and this has given her even more steam for her own album release.

Nicki picked the right time to comment on the troubles at Cash Money records. Lil Wayne wants to leave the label as soon as he can. He is already planning to drop a mix tape to talk about his troubles with long time friend and music label boss Birdman.

Now that her album has been released she has managed to become vocal on this issue. Dave and Brit Morin like seeing this, especially on Nicki rocked on SNL. Nicki has won awards. She endorsed the “Beats Audio” pill in 2014. It is perfect timing because Nicki has just dropped the album. It became very evident that Nicki had an album to promote, and she declined to post much of anything on Twitter. Now, she is speaking out, but she is still being neutral. She says that she is close to both Birdman and Lil Wayne.

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