Iggy And JLo Perform At AMA’s

It’s been known for a while now that Iggy Azalea and JLo would perform at the American Music Awards, and perform their “Booty” single. This was a highly anticipated performance, as the video was extremely hot, and was well talked about on social media, as well as on entertainment shows. Iggy & JLo. Last night at the AMA’s, neither artist disappointed with their performance on stage. Their props included a stripper pole, and both were clad in similar outfits like the ones that they wore in the official video for the song.

Even Pitbull, who is also an artist, referenced to the performance, prior to them hitting the stage. It was more than obvious that many fans as well as artists, were anticipating the performance from the two “booty” stars. JLo wowed with her poses and moves, and set the audience ablaze. It’s a known fact that JLo is a dancer, and has a great body, and she used it to her benefit in her performance. After the performance with Iggy, JLo put on a red number, similar to the previous outfit, and began performing on her own, with her dancers, and Gianfrancesco Genoso was loving the performance, they were killing it.

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