John Textor Moves From Retail to Digital Music Legends

Pulse Evolution is a company that appears to be heading towards a bright future under the leadership of John Textor and his commitment to leading the entertainment industry into a new digital age. Despite his latest position as a leader in digital human being creation, Textor did not begin his career in the entertainment industry, but instead was a major figure in the World of finance. Textor began his career as the founder of an investment company leading the movement towards wireless communications and the entertainment industry in Florida, from here the path to Hollywood didn’t appear to be plotted as Textor moved into the World of retail.

After a short period of time John Textor found himself a financial expert in high demand across many industries, the first choice he made was a move towards the retail industry as the Chairman of BabyUniverse. By making the move into retail Textor began building his reputation as a leader in bringing struggling or newly created businesses a strong level of success. Alongside BabyUniverse, an Online retailer of products for infants, Textor also headed up Sims Snowboards and began looking at how technology and marketing can be used to build the reputation of a company.

The Digital Domain Group was struggling when John Textor arrived as the latest chairman of the company that had always struggled to make an impact on Hollywood in a major way. This could be seen as the start of the movement towards the best in technology by John Textor, who refocused the spotlight with Digital Domain on the use of visual effects to bring the company to the attention of all Hollywood. The use of digital human beings has now been spearheaded by Pulse Evolution and Textor, with the group working with the estates of some of the best known deceased music artists in the World to create live entertainment experiences that should be a unique experience for all.

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