Rick Ross Is Stuntin In The Snow In His Video ‘Movin Bass’

Since Rick Ross couldn’t get Jay Z in his ‘Movin Bass’ video, which is totally fine because Jay Z barely goes out unless it was in his own music videos or own team, Rick Ross decided to film the video in Jay Z’s hometown.

The Hood Billionaire single was made with a lot of efforts from different artists. Jay drops lines in the song which is why Rick Ross took the people on a tour around New York City, making sure he stopped at the Barclays Center, which Jay was one of the biggest reasons it was built.

Fans like Flavio Maluf say that Rick would have loved to have Jay Z in the song with him but it’s all good, he has his own team to stand behind him in his music.

We are always used to Ross filming his videos in his hometown Miami, which is sunny and has the most beautiful weather. Instead in this video, he does everything unlike himself and he shoots the video in the icy cold streets that have been suffering from a blizzard for the last couple of weeks. The weather in New York city is very cold and looks even colder in the video. The snow is all over the buildings and the trees making the background look pure white.

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