Helping to Keep Inmates Successful After Entering Back into Society with Securus Technologies

When a loved one is sentenced for a period of time to a county jail or state prison, the time spent away from family and friends can put the inmate in a serious frame of mind that often will leave them acting out within the jail system. When it comes to helping inmates survive the sentence they are handed, allowing for visitors and family to be able to interact with the inmate more openly and freely, is what is going to help the inmate handle their sentence better.


When family and friends are able to interact more with an inmate, the person serving time is more apt to remain out of trouble when they are released from the jail. By keeping involvement with friends and family, the inmate has a higher success rate than those who were not given access to their friends or family.


In order to keep the cost of visits down for jails and inmates, the idea behind remote visits is one that keeps involvement up and crime down within jails. For someone who is visited weekly by family, the time they are allotted with each other is very limited. With remote visits, the inmate is given longer periods of time to visit with each other. The other factor to consider is the amount of time that is spent driving to and from the jails. In some cases, the person traveling is not aware that there is something keeping them from visiting with the inmate until they arrive at the jail. If there is a lockdown at the jail or prison, the person visiting is wasting time on travel.


Securus Technologies opens lines of communication between inmates and family in a number of ways. Whether it is by local visits, remote visits or even calls made home, the idea behind helping inmates serve successful prison terms is what helps to keep crime rates down once inmates are released back into society.



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