Using Securus Technologies to Keep Our City Streets Safe

My job as a police officer is keeping the streets of our city safe for all residents and visitors. When there are people doing things that put others at risk, me and my fellow officers have to locate them and get them off the streets as quickly as possible. We have a very bad gang problem in the area, and this really compromises our efforts because each of those members have little regard for an officer, let along an innocent citizen.


Although we try to stay one step ahead of the crime, the challenge we face is gang members at high levels in jail are still handing down orders to the low-level soldiers on the street. For every gang member we arrest, three more join the gang that week. We can not rely on informants in this situation because gang members would never talk about their brothers and residents are terrified to be exposed as rats for fear of retaliation by the gangs.


When Securus Technologies installed a new inmate communication system in our jail, the game was about to change for the better. In the past we have been able to monitor the communications of inmates to the outside, but they change their language so often we usually are left with little in the way of solid evidence. When I was trained on the LBS software, suddenly things began to change for me and my team. We were hearing chatter from high-level gang members in a new light.


On a number of these calls, we picked up on gang leaders putting the word out for gang members to make hits, bring weapons to the jail, and to even take down and abuse law enforcement. The new technology has helped us clean up the streets of our city for everyone.


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