Matthew Fleeger Is Propelling Gulf Coast Western To The Front Of The Oil And Gas Market

One of the leading oil and gas companies in the country is Gulf Coast Western LLC. They are a subsidiary of Joint Ventures, which companies several leading industry professionals to further development and acquisitions of oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico area. Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western and he serves in an active capacity to help guide the company towards success with transparency being his objective. Currently, his company is rapidly growing and attracting new business partners and investors because of their solid reputation and integrity. 

Matt Fleeger

A Family Tradition

Matthew Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University and focused on the areas of finance and marketing. He pursued a career in the oil and gas field, just like his father, who was himself, an oil and gas company owner. Over the course of many years, Matt Fleeger served in many different executive roles within the industry in the hopes of gaining a vast inside knowledge of how a successful petroleum company operates. His work centered around the Texas area before he decided to work with Gulf Coast Western LLC.

A Healthy Balance

Not only is Matthew Fleeger one of the most prolific people in the oil and gas industry, he is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He created his own medical waste company called MedSolutions, in which he serves as also serves as the CEO and President for the last 13 years, since he founded the company. He is also a donor to the Sadie Keller Foundations, which raises money to help fight childhood cancer. Recently, he was able to raise and donate $14,000 to assist with their efforts. 

Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is an industry giant who has found not only a successful approach to operating within the industry but has also managed to successfully integrate himself into other industries, while maintaining a sense of community responsibility.

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