Karl Heideck Explains The New Labor Law for Employees

Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over five years. He is qualified to offer litigation services in specialized areas. His works extend beyond the law courts as he has consistently offered insight on various issues that affect the society. Karl recently offered insight in regards to the new labour law that covers employees. According to the passed law, employers are not allowed to scrutinize the payment history of new candidates that are meant to be hired for service delivery. The new law covers employee’s privacy by ensuring that employers cannot make phone calls to the former employers of the candidates in regards to payment history.

Profile of new labour law

The major aim of the new law is to protect employees from the invasion of privacy by prospective employers. Initially, this was not regarded illegal as employers could make phone calls to former employers and ask several questions with most of these questions tied to the salary scale of employees as well as the bonuses offered. It was an angle towards gauging the salary scale that the new employer should propose to the employee during the interview. It was also a measure that tied employees to their past salary scales. It is projected that failure to observe this law will call for penalty according to the law.

Karl’s opinion on the new labour law

According to Karl Heideck, the attorney, this law should be observed as it was implemented in order to make the hiring process easy in addition to transparent. It is a great opportunity for employees to seek clarity during the interview. It also offers employees the chance to freely express themselves in terms of their ability to deliver excellent results and their demand for better pay. The new law allows employees to break away from the norms of being hired on the basis of payment history and salary scales.

Personal profile

Karl Heideck has internalized the different dimensions that law can cut into the society. He has mastered the art of offering excellent services to the people. As an attorney majoring in litigation, Karl Heideck understands the value of appropriate representation and service delivery when it comes to matters of law and how they must be followed. Karl has been using his knowledge to reach out to masses especially in Philadelphia. In every law implemented , he presents his opinion depending on the direction the specific law has taken in society.

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