The president of OSI, David McDonald

Mr. David McDonald also referred as Dave is the chief operating officer and president of OSI group. Previously he served as the project manager in Osi group. Also, David McDonald is the chairman of American Meat Institute. Since 2008, he was an independent director at MarFrig global foods. He serves as a member of OSI Board of Directors. Dave is the director Osi international limited. He undertook a bachelor’s in Animal Science from Lowa State University.

McDonald asserts that Osi group is committed to conducting business in a sustainable manner. The progress in sustainability comes from Osi concern for Animal safety standards, environmental welfare, and social responsibility. Some key traits include quality in the delivery of the meat products. One feature that stood out in Dave leadership is Osi’s timeless dedication in meeting the consumer service.

Each customer request is tailored in meeting their unique needs and desires. The delivery of customer request is efficient. David Mcdonals OSI Group into receiving the McDonald’s fast foods supplier of the year award. The growth in consumer needs made Osi repackage their various products. For example, the customer demands for flavored beef burgers call for a review of the production process.

Upon Acquisition of Baho foods, Dave said that it gives Osi a greater presence in Europe. The various products and brands offered by the brand give the company the opportunity to meet the diversified customer needs. Osi group’s strengths and capabilities make it stand out among its competitors. The Acquisition of Baho brings out a strong team that shall see the service delivery increase the business stakes. The growing needs for Osi services in different parts of the world called for an increase in operational services. The Baho Company complements Osi in meeting the large client’s group in many areas of Europe.

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