The leadership that has led to the success of Rock Nation

Music business is one of the most rewarding for the artistes that stick through the thick and get to the top. One of the challenges that all up and coming talent has to deal with is getting a recording label that will handle their business well. With the right label, it becomes easier to book concerts, make your music known and distribute it to people that will put your name out there to the public.  See

When JayZ started Roc nation, he thought about all the talented people from different backgrounds that did not have the chance to showcase their talent and decided to get a way to connect them with audiences. To date, Roc Nation is one of the largest talent management companies in the nation. They manage talents such as artistes, song writers, producers and engineers. Some of the big names in the industry that have passed through the talent management firms include Rihanna, Shakira, Big Sean, Satigold and many others. For the nine years that the company has been operational, they have managed to introduce little known names such as Robyn Fenty and make them into a phenomenon such as Rihanna.    Check this on

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At the leadership of the group is Desiree, Dez Perez. She has been the CEO of the company since it was started. She is also a close friend to JayZ amd has been his confidant for many years. One of the latest improvements that have been made to the company is the introduction of tidal and the recent upgrade of the music that is available on the application. Desiree Perez is a tough negotiator and is really good with numbers, which would explain why JayZ picked her for the job. Dez has provided excellent leadership for the company and has even been brought on board to help in the management of Roc Nation Sports.


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