RECAP: Marcio Alaor BMG

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, Marcio Araujo Alaor was honored with a new food court that bears his name. The Marcio Alaor Food Court opened during the 33rd annual Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte in Portugal. Alaor is a prominent entrepreneur in his home town of Santo Antonio do Monte and is vice president over the BMG Bank. He is well-known for his efforts to help his community. During the ceremony, a plaque was unveiled with Alaor’s name, along with many of his civic successes.

Many politicians and local authorities were invited to speak about Alaor and his tireless efforts to improve Santo Antonio do Monte and help the people. Each of them gave special tribute to him and expressed the historical merit of this event. One of the speakers, Luis Antonio Resende communicated the gratitude of the many rural residents who were able to work on the Exhibition Center. He complimented Alaor’s humble personality and for caring for the city’s well-being. Resende also said that Alaor did not do these things for attention or political favors.

Former city mayor, Wilmar Son, said that the unveiling of the new food court coincided perfectly with the annual exhibition. The food court was placed in a vacant lot where a dilapidated grain warehouse was. The new structure was built in a city-wide effort to beautify the neighborhood and to increase business. Son said that it was appropriate to name the food court after Marcio Alaor BMG, as a representation of how he fed the aspirations of the city’s people.

At the end, the honoree was asked to speak. Alaor spoke of how he was a young shoeshine boy in his neighborhood and worked his way up to being a leader in BMG Bank. He was humbled by all the accolades showered upon him and he thanked everyone for their kind words and respect. He said that the love and respect for family and friends matters way more than money. Alaor reaffirmed his love for his native Santo Antonio do Monte and said that he will continue to find ways to make the city better for the


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