A Mile in Their Shoes

William Hayes and Chris Long are known for their plays and calls on the field. A few days ago, the two best friends and St. Louis Rams teammates made a move that would enlighten the pair more than they thought it would. The two men decided to see what it was like to live as a homeless person for one day. The teammates wore tattered clothes and disguised themselves with makeup so that no one could recognize them and their superstar status. The two sat outside of the very same stadium that they usually play in. They didn’t realize how many snarky remarks and rude looks they would get. The duo also remembered getting unwanted interactions with the police. They noted that, had they been in their suits and ties and dress shoes, the police would have shown them the utmost respect. Instead, they got to see how the police really interact with those who live homeless. The pair ended up sleeping in an abandoned truck and had to huddle together for warmth.


He said it was the worst night of his life and he had experienced pain like he had never felt before, and Sam Tabar can believe it. That’s coming from an NFL player whose body is pushed physically for months at a time. The pair didn’t let this experience go to waste. They ended up helping a few people who they met on the street. They gave them temporary housing, groceries, and transportation. Thanks to the pair, the people that they helped were able to get more help from outreach programs and even employment. The pair hopes to continue helping those in need. Now they can say that they walk in their shoes.

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