I Couldn’t Find Real Estate Without My Town Residential Agent

Finding real estate in NYC luxury real estate through Town Real Estate made it better than looking for a set of lost keys in a 10-foot deep Olympic size swimming pool.  Although I knew I was going to be able to get a nice place in New York City, I figured that I could find it on my own, but I guess I was wrong. It never occurred to me to let someone else help me in my search because I’ve always found my homes before, even when I lived back in Texas. I finally had to give in and look for help because it had been a month, and I still couldn’t find a nice place.

I was staying with my aunt in New York City, and she has an amazing apartment, and I wanted something similar to what she was staying in. Her apartment had a concierge, an amazing elevator, a balcony with a view, and all of her appliances were updated. I couldn’t imagine getting such a great place, especially since I knew that New York City was filled with people looking for great places. I could only hope to find a nice place, but she suggested that I work with a real estate agent, and it’s something I should’ve thought of before.

I chose Town Residential because their portfolio of places were upscale, and they were some of the nicest homes I’d ever seen in a city. I figured that if they had nice homes on their website, then they must have some additional ones that were hidden away somewhere. After making a phone call to Town Residential, I got the ball rolling by giving them everything they needed to find me a place.

I was open to pretty much anything, as long as it was located in New York City. My real estate agent was very punctual, and she made me feel as if I was the only person on earth. After going through everything that I wanted in my new place, my agent was able to bring me enough information so I could decide what type of place I wanted. I ultimately ended up choosing a condo that was in a high-rise, and it had a lot of the same amenities that my aunt’s place had. Not only in my glad that I found a great place close to where my aunt lives, but it has all the amenities that I could ever want.

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