A Recap on the Grand Acquisition of Nixter by Skout

Dating is an integral part of human life and ways to enhance the experience of meeting a life partner are being made easier by the developments in technology and internet connectivity. The rising demand for social applications has ultimately led to the development of various applications that are making dating life an easy endeavor. This is the rationale that led to the development of Skout, an online dating application that has changed the online dating landscape giving it a new look. The application creates a social networking platform that allows adults to meet prospective life partners in a very simplified mode via the internet spectrum. Skout is a stable business entity judging by its capital backing that amounts to $22 million worth of investors’ contributions. The company recently bought a new application, the night life app Nixter.

According to the CEO, the acquisition of the new app is meant to enhance Skout’s functioning capacity by giving it the muscles to integrate online and offline interactions. Skout on skoutshop.com is an app that basically allows people to find soul mates and dates. On the other hand, Nixter allows people to find the recent parties and their locations as well as any upcoming nightlife events in their locale and beyond. With the Nixter App, one can easily find out where the parties are and he or she can easily purchase tickets and book for accommodations. Christian Wiklund, the current CEO of Skout, feels that the acquisition of Nixter will bring the experience of the real world to Skout by bringing onboard the access to real events out there.

According to the CEO, the integration of Nixter’s services on the Skout platform is a great value added move that will improve the company’s client experiences. This move is essentially expected to heighten the level of loyalty from Skout’s existing users. The deal was not fully disclosed to expose how much Skout had to pay to fully own Nixter but what was clear was the fact the trade included both the selloff in both money and stock.

As Skout considered the purchase, it had put a lot of factors into consideration while fully aware of the fact that the competition was very stiff. In the live events sector, Skout will be competing with market giants with the likes of WilllCall. However, Skout’s CEO maintains that the company will set the Nixter App as a different entity but it will be prominently integrated to the Skout application. Shading some light on the success of the Skout application, the CEO mentioned that the app had been profitable although he refrained from disclosing the real information on the overall audience size. According to the CEO, the company has already hit the profitability mark.

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