One of the Most Experienced Cardiologists in NYC: Edward Honig

A cardiologist is a primary doctor who specializes in the prevention and treatment of heart diseases and any abnormality of the heart and the blood vessels. These kinds of specialists are fully trained to handle abnormalities in the cardiovascular system. They can also perform minor heart surgeries if necessary. Skilled surgeons mostly do necessary but larger operations.

Heart diseases and conditions are chronic diseases. They only need to be managed by a professional. Once a person learns about their heart condition, it is vital to seek professional advice as soon as they come across it so that they can start medication. When they are under medication, the heart condition is properly managed to prevent death.

What Cardiologists do

Precautionary Medicine, Diagnosis, and Treatment

It is the role of cardiologists to educate their patients on the precautions to take to avoid getting heart conditions. Through physical examinations, cardiologist’s duty is to assess the current health of a patient. If there is a problem identified, patients are put on medication immediately and are advised on the best diet to stick take. It is also the duty of a cardiologist to provide advice on the best lifestyle practices to hold to when patients attend their routine visits.

It is said that prevention is way much better than cure. This statement is very true. Visiting your cardiologist regularly is important. Early detection of heart conditions can save you from the risks that come with the heart diseases. Once the condition is detected early, the cardiologist can put you on medication to prevent the condition from being a full blown disease. The heart disease could be treated or managed at an early stage.

Some of the Cardiovascular Conditions that can be Managed by a Cardiologist

Coronary Artery disease is a condition whereby the arteries narrow.

Vascular disease

Heart failure

Heart attack

Dr. Edward Honig, MD is 90 years old man who is specialized internal medicine, who practices in Glen Cove hospital, in Glen Clove, New York city 11542 departments of Medicine and he has been practicing being a cardiologist for an outstanding 66 years. He is a cardiologist who is licensed to practice medicine in New York.His New York State Medical license period is 1952- 2013.

Dr. Edward Honig attended a medical school, Duke University School Of Medicine where he graduated in 1951. He later did his internship at New York Hospital and completed his internship in 1952. He completed his Residency Hospital in New York Hospital in 1956. In 1955 he completed Fellowship Hospital in Yale. Dr. Edward Honig specialty is Internal Medicine, and his spoken language is English.

When it comes to awards Dr. Edward Honig is not one to be left out, he has a Healthgrades Honor Roll. He has zero malpractice claims, zero sanctions, and zero board actions and at the same time, he has no media or publications listed. These are some of the reasons among others why I would recommend Dr. Edward Honig to people in New York.

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