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Grace Farms Foundation’s Sharon Prince Assembles Working Group To Combat Modern-Day Slavery

To earn her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Tulsa, Sharon Prince worked in a sports bar as a waitress. With her MBA in hand, she moved to New York City and began a career in finance. She ended up being a leader at multiple companies, including 66°North as its US president. She is now the founder and president of a nonprofit, the Grace Farms Foundation.

Her organization is based in Connecticut. She recently announced a new initiative to make more people aware that forced labor is being used to create building products. Sharon Prince Grace Farms assembled a group of architects, designers, and related positions to create the Grace Farms Foundation Architecture + Construction Working Group. The goal of this group is to reduce modern-day slavery around the world. It will analyze global supply chains used in the construction industry.

The group will create a list of projects that don’t use slaves. It will develop a checklist of what constitutes responsible sourcing. This information will be provided to professionals in the construction, architectural, and design industries so that they can avoid building materials produced by slaves.

Sharon Prince says that companies use forced labor because it increases their profits. She aims to create a paradigm shift in which buildings are made using ethically sourced materials. This will be similar to how the industry now takes into account the environment when building. She wants companies to create new policies and standards that eliminate slavery from their supply chains.

Retired U.S. Ambassador Luis deBaca is a senior justice advisor for Grace Farms. He battled against forced labor while serving in the Obama Administration. He said that men, women, and children are being forced to produce materials like glass and fiber. 50 other professionals are also part of this group.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms’s: Youtube.