Sergey Petrossov Takes the Archaic and Makes it Digital

Sergey Petrossov sees opportunities and acts on them. One opportunity he saw after a few attempts of change and startups on his own was that of a large flaw or anomaly in the private flight industry. He was able to meet someone who gave him a ride on their private plane and he realized that there were some flagrant issues, he was so taken aback by these flagrant issues that he decided to do something about it.

He created a startup called JetSmarter.

The Opportunity

Sergey Petrossov didn’t just see the opportunity when he went on the private flight in 2009, he started to act upon it. Over the course of the next few years, he did his research and started do bits of work within the industry. As he says “he kept private aviation close to his chest”. He did as some diving into the industry as possible. First he started by going to private flight trade shows and then he started to step in and provide advice, wisdom and knowledge to a few people within the sector. This was only the first step and he would continue to do more over the next few years.

He saw how the industry worked and stayed in for a while, he then realized he could add value to the sector by injecting a simple digital tool to make accessibility and booking much easier. But while he was laying down the foundations for solutions, he stumbled onto an even bigger and more lucrative aspect of the industry. Well, he stumbled upon a startling fact, the fact was that the industry didn’t have as much as use as it could have, and this is what made him into the individual that he is today.

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