Global Business Wisdom Shared by Maarten De Jeu

Maarten De Jeu is an experienced international strategy adviser and corporate development specialist. His knowledge of business has been highly recognized and globally praised. His experience and expertise working with international businesses, commercial real estate and financial services, has made him the man to see when you want to expand your business across the globe. Maarten De Jeu combines his multilingual skills(English, Dutch, German, and French) with an exceptional knowledge of business and the financial industry has helped him achieve success. 

Maarten De Jeu is all in favor of someone furthering their education. He received his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Leiden University and then, down the line, he obtained his MBA in the field of finance from Oxford University and graduated at the top of his class. Maarten De Jeu’s hard work and dedication to obtaining the tools he needed through education, had helped prepare him for his success as an entrepreneur.¬†Learn more:

TVDK Management Consultants is where Maarten De Jeu had begun as an analyst and worked his way up to senior associate. He also helped companies like Aviva grow globally. Now, Maarten De Jeu is the founder of SVM Business Advisory. It is a small firm that is doing big things for Fortune 100 companies, huge net worth individuals, and technology startup businesses. Running a successful business in the United States may encourage an owner to expand to global heights. Maarten De Jeu offers them advice that can help with their decision on whether or not to take that route. With expertise in the international marketplace, Maarten de Jeu holds a highly respected position in advising business owners about their decisions in pursuing global expansion.

A few things he advises business owners to do is to invest a good amount of time and energy to get to know the market they’re interested in overseas along with the culture. That means, the language, the marketing conditions which is, knowing what is profitable and supplying them with quality. Maarten de Jeu also advises creating a plan that works with clarity so it can work not just in the United States but globally as well. Learn their rules and regulations and make sure you know where to find funding for your expansion so that everything can start off without financial glitches. The last thing Maarten de Jeu mentions is to be flexible. In business, whether in the United States or around the globe, changes in businesses may occur and circumstances may call for compromises. Being flexible and able to adapt to changes can help the company grow.

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