Sean Penn: Authoring an Interesting Novel

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is the debut novel of American actor Sean Penn. The novel made headlines all across the United States because of its controversial nature, and people are starting to get curious about how people are saying that the book is highly controversial. Those who have already seen what is inside the book stated that some of its parts are trippy and can be considered as a happy read, but some could not understand a single thing that happened to the protagonists. Based on the reviews posted about the book, a lot of those who have already read it said that they could not believe how they felt while reading the story of Bob Honey, because they could not relate to him in any way. The satirical madness found in the pages of the novel will surely make someone a fan if they love cult classics.

Sean Penn revealed that his novel was first released back in 2016, and it was intended to become a slim audiobook that is full of mystery. He also stated that he would be narrating the story under the name “Pappy Pariah,” which is a pseudonym. The protagonist of the story – Bob Honey – can be seen as a hardworking American who met a lot of people every day. One of those people he met was Fletcher, who was inspired by El Chapo. Sean Penn stated that he had to travel to Mexico to meet the Mexican drug lord, and he asked him about things that would make his book more attractive to readers. Sean Penn expected that the book would be selling like pancakes once the public knew that a real-life drug lord inspired one of the characters.


Sean Penn also stated that the book would cover a lot of real-life issues that Americans are facing today. He revealed that the presidency of Donald Trump is one of his inspirations in writing the book, and because of what is happening in the country today, he never dismissed the possibility that most Americans could face the same life story that Bob Honey has.

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