Talos Energy’s Growth in the Last Five Years has been Nothing Short of Spectacular

In the last few years, very little positive news has filtered out of the oil industry. Certain surges have experienced surges in production that have considerably driven down the price of oil in the global market. At the same time, the exploration for new oil finds has been impeded by continuing geopolitical conflicts and financial crises that hit from time to time. As can be seen, therefore, it has been a difficult last couple of years for oil companies, especially the smaller ones. However, one of the few companies that have come out strong during this tumulus period is Talos Energy. Only 5 years old now, Talos Energy has grown considerably since its formation, in large due to its exploits in Mexico.
For decades now, Mexican bureaucracy prevented private companies from owning oil wells in the country. The decision to nationalize the country’s oil and gas resources had been taken all the way back in 1938 with the aim of protecting the country’s interests. However, after a series of oil reforms in the country, in May 2017 Talos Energy became the first private player to sink an offshore oil well in Mexican territory. Talos Energy is undertaking this project as part of a joint venture that also includes Premier Oil Plc., and Sierra Oil & Gas. Sierra has the biggest stake in the well (40%), followed by Talos (35%), with Premier coming in last at 25%. With the well estimated to hold as much as 500 million barrels, this venture will likely propel Talos into a significant player in the global oil industry
More on Talos Energy
Talos Energy is an oil and gas company that was founded in 2012. The company is based in Houston, Texas and engages in various stages of oil and gas development, including, exploration and production. The company’s current and past ventures have all been in either the Gulf of Mexico or the Gulf Coast.
Talos Energy is a greatly ambitious company. Despite being relatively young, the company has strategically raised $600 million to fund its expansion. At the same time, it has also gotten into some strategic partnerships that will afford Talos the prerequisite financial muscle to facilitate sustainable growth through projects such as the one it currently has in Mexico.

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