The Business Ventures of Duda Melzer: Grupo RBS

The Brazilian media giant, Grupo RBS, was first founded in 1957 by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. It has remained in their ownership and leadership ever since. In 2012, Nelson Sirotsky, chairman of RBS Group, left the leadership maintaining that position for over 25 years. He was succeeded by his nephew, Duda Melzer who until that time had been the executive vice president. Duda, whose official first name is Eduardo, first entered the business world in the 90s. He first earned a degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1998.

He then went on to earn an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2002. During his time in school and in the years afterward, he worked as the senior analyst for Delphi Corporation and as CEO of Boz Top Media. After some time serving in the U.S. business world he went back home where one of his very first business ventures was a candy, sweets and imported products store called “The Sweet, Sweet Way.” It would grow to include five stores with a total of 50 employees. He would join the family business in 2004, serving as its Director General for the National Market.

He rose through the ranks becoming the executive vice president in 2010. Just this year he was honored with an award for Family Business. He has remained one of the most respected leaders in the Brazilian business world. In 2015 he was selected to serve on the very internationally prestigious, Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. As such, joined 24 other distinguished international business leaders who served in highly honored family businesses. In the same year, he was honored with the Merit Award in Administration from the Regional Management Council of Rio Grande do Sul.

In addition to being the president of Grupo RBS, he was also made its chairman of the board of directors in 2016. As its leader, he oversees the work of over 6,000 Grupo RBS workers. He is also the current chairman of e.Bricks Digital and a shareholder of e.Bricks Ventures.

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